For Remembering 

Truth be told, I have a draft of the twins’ birth story ready to go once I add pictures (which has sat in the drafts folder for weeks) and two and a half month’s worth of baby updates to write and post. At this point, I’m going to have to do a big update when they turn three months. But I don’t want those big, looming goals to keep me from writing a quick update. For remembering. 

This is a sweet, sweet season. The kids are all at fun and cute ages. Arden (4) is such a bright, happy kid, and his speech improves daily. Jane (2.5) is spunky and adorable as ever, independent and talking like a big kid. Arden and Jane play separately and together SO well. It’s funny, when they were both smaller, it was hard to imagine being able to just let them loose in the backyard or them spending hours just playing together in the house, doing who-knows-what. But that’s (mostly) our reality now and it has made this transition with the twins easier than I imagined it would be. 

Clara and Ruby are 2.5 months now. They are “waking up” more and more: smiling, coo-ing, holding their heads up, kicking, and looking around. They currently love to look at mommy and daddy, be swaddled and held/rocked, drink milk, and sleep😊. I have put them on the play mat that Arden and Jane played on as babies once — they didn’t last long but soon enough it will be the highlight of their day! 

Clara is my little miss bright-eyed, happy, SMILEY baby! Whether she’s just gotten up, just had her bottle, looking around or supposed to be going to sleep, I feel like she is ALWAYS looking at me and smiling😊. It is the sweetest thing. She is super content and these days I barely hear a peep out of her unless she’s really hungry. I feel like she is just taking in the world around her and already longing to be a big kid so she can play with Arden and Jane! Because she is so curious and playful, she sometimes needs a little more help getting to sleep by lowering stimulation/rocking her, but overall she is still pretty easy. 

Sweet Ruby is my cuddle-bug. She is so chunky and squishy and sweet. It’s really special to me because none of my kids have been huge cuddlers. She just melts into me on my chest and it’s the best!! She is a little more serious, not giving out as many smiles or coos quite yet. She’s drowsy, less active and just wants to hang out and rest with mommy…which you know I’m all about😎. Her sad face is THE SADDEST and her cries make me want to give her whatever she wants for the rest of her life. 

These little ladies are SUCH delights. I really can’t stress that enough! I wish I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was pregnant and terrified and reassure me that it’s all going to be okay. I really, truly cannot imagine it being any other way now. I never thought that I’d be able to say that I enjoyed life with 4 kids 4 and under..but here I am, enjoying it (for the most part) and handling it by God’s grace and with the support of family. That doesn’t mean there aren’t hard days, but those days are usually more the exception than the rule. 

So I’m counting the fruit. I’m saying prayers of thanksgiving for these kids, this season, and the support and provision we don’t deserve. I’m somberly reflecting on seasons of motherhood passed and thankful that the Lord brought me through and out of depression, and I’m fighting to protect my mental and emotional health while I’m still vulnerable to post-partum depression. I’m pausing, remembering, recounting. Thanks be to God. 

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