Today is our last day in this little blue house. We have been here for almost exactly a year, and tomorrow we are moving into another rental house.  This little house has been good to us, and as an homage to it I want to share a quick poem I wrote just a few days […]

Oh, what it must be like  To live in a land that will not claim you – The Mockery.  Now, I see.  Taken from your home; Have you even made a home here? Can you call a place “home”  Where you fear?  Where safety is for the privileged- The Mockery.  Now, I hear.  He salvages […]

Wrestle, I must wrestle. Wrestle despair to the ground, Wrestle my feelings,  Because my Reality bends to their will  And my thoughts betray me.  I wrestle with present evil, Why so many are poised to kill,  and why so many don’t have to care– But I care, I need to care,  I hope you care; […]

A deep breath, deep relief this deep belief which lays hold of me. His firm grip, this firm ground a truth which is sound — This is the life in me. No matter how far or how high my feelings fly, however dark or low my mind can go; Tethered in grace from His heart […]

“Let love be without hypocrisy.” The words weigh, Like a wave on sand Heavy on my soul, Pushing and pulling, sifting and moving.  Surely, not I?  Surely, my words and my heart align? Each wave momentarily reveals Weakness, inconsistencies, reservations “Abhor what is evil, cling to what is good.” Love, without hypocrisy, living  And moving […]

I know I just posted about Arden a couple days ago, but I can’t help but want to post about Jane as well:)  Jane is 17 months, and SASSY AND SPUNKY as ever! She is so incredibly smart–very skilled especially in the areas of communication and interactive play. She is my little socialite. She wants […]


Here’s just some snapshots of Arden at 3 (and a couple months)… He constantly surprises me with how SMART he is. Especially when it comes to building things, figuring out how things work, and constructing. He is very perceptive and interested in creating functional structures. I love this picture: one day I was doing stuff […]