27 weeks 3 days with the girls!  So, here I am, at the end of the 2nd trimester already!! It really is flying by at this point. I’m sure it will all come to a screeching halt after about 30 weeks but we’ll see.  And…the belly. Let’s talk about that. It’s getting big. Like…I need […]

Okay so there it is:) We have chosen names! No middle names yet. But Baby A is Ruby and Baby B is Clara. Now for some ultrasound pics as a sneak peek… Miss Ruby…   and Miss Clara :)

Me at 24.5 weeks; measuring 29 weeks (compared to a singleton pregnancy) (I know I missed the 22 week pic and update…but I had a rough few weeks somewhere in there of getting sick with stomach bug/allergies/cold etc so it just didn’t happen.) 24 weeks!!! Big milestone, because this is considered the age of viability […]

Me at 20.5 weeks :)  Well, it’s been an eventful week, that’s for sure! Passed out in the Target check-out line (someone caught me, I ended up being fine, just needed to stay more on top of eating and staying hydrated) and then get a naaaaasty stomach virus at the turn of the weekend. Wooooooo-hoo😝  […]

Picture taken at 18 Wks  As I write this I am currently 19 weeks…but the 18 week part fell during Christmas break so it just never happened. Snapped this picture quickly right bwfore leaving for our little family’s Christmas Eve Eve celebration :)  Well, overall I have to say I am feeling much better — […]

Me at 16 weeks.  It’s been a big week for us! Had my 16 week scan on Friday December 9 and… Found out the babies are GIRLS!!💕  This was a surprise to me — I have been so convinced this whole pregnancy that they were boys (until about a week ago when the sonographer said […]

14.5 Weeks with the twins At 14 weeks I am….IN MY SECOND TRIMESTER!!! Praise the Lamb. It is possible I will never experience the first trimester again and I am OKAY with that to say the least.  Babies are apparently 3+ inches long which is cool. I get to see them again in a few […]